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The goal of this site is to post news stories that the Main Stream Media and Social Media sites don’t want you to see and/or have been banned on their sites.

Broken is a comic strip by John Dadlez examining events and life through his twisted satirical third eye.

The latest Broken Comic

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Hercules and Testiclees
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Broken Comics - Amazon cat toys
Broken Comics - Alien Visitors In A Dog Park
Broken Comics - Noahs Ark
Broken Comics | Covid-19 in Heaven
Broken Comic - God Decides to Outsource
Broken Comic - Bjork, bjork, bjork, bjork
Broken Comics - Senator Choked on the Truth
Broken comic - Batman is patient zero
Broken Comics - Millennials In The Basement
Broken Comics - Send it to Australia
Broken Comic - The New 30
Broken Comic - Evil Unicorns
Broken Comic - Chewie
Broken Comics |
Broken comic - UFO
Broken Comic - Consumer Reports
Broken Comic - Jewish Starfish
Broken Comic - Minority Rules
Broken Comic - Millenial Decision
Broken Comic - Go Home Trixy
Broken Comic - Go Ask Your Mother
Broken Comic - Old Hippies
Broken Comic - Dog asks Siri
Broken Comic - number 1